“I stand up for the Trees that have become mans enemy, it is essential that we have the rare animal species around us to teach the upcoming generation & trees to fight global warming”

Conservation of biodiversity is our today and our future. Depletion of biodiversity has a serious negative impact on development and our lives as they contribute to our well being. Save the future!

Food, water, medicine and materials for shelter,
Are some of the few things you give us as a provider,
Natural cycles like food and climate,
You provide us with no expected charges.

To survive we need food , water ,air and medicines which nature can only produce.So, conserving nature is the only way for survival of human civilization.

Nature is something that is very unpredictable in a very unique way. In a sense where people wouldn’t try to find the time to understand what is happening all around them. The phenomena of the world.

Nature is a necessity for existence of all species including us humans. It is even more important for my country because tourism is our main source of income.

Nature cannot stand up for itself. It doesn’t have the ability to speak or express its feelings. Nature cannot protest against pollution, therefore humans need to take a stand to make a change.

I believe that as humans we have taken our environment for granted . Some of our actions cannot be erased. However, we can still change our habits to maintain an environment that can sustain us.

Because someone needs to speak up for the little guys, for the big guys, for our fellow animals who don’t have the capability to tell us how they feel in so many words; because someone needs to.

Every hobby I have is focused around enjoying nature. Be it fishing, exercising, or just exploring, I constantly find myself immersed in the wonders of our world every chance I get.