La nature est notre vie. Nous avons besoins de la nature que ce soit en alimentation, en habillement, en construction, même en respirant. Protégeons et conservons la nature

Nature is life. If we do not play our role of preserving it, what will we leave to future generations? Global Warming Climate is a signpost indicating that life on earth is under thhreat. Thanks!

I am a farmer and We farmers are suffering from the climate change and biodiversity. Our profits is decreasing day by day.

Nature is everything. It’s soft and hard, it’s quite and loud, it tastes sweet and savory, it’s beautiful and messy, it smells good and bad. Nature is the amazing and interesting. So, I stand for it!

Nature has provided life for all humans and animals we must take care of it. I personally love the fresh air and space that it has provided while cleaning up the world that we are slowly destroying.

I stand for nature because it’s all around us providing food, comfort and also beauty.

It provides me with the means I need in life, to act on what i’m passionate about.

I stand up for nature because nature is the beginning of life itself, without nature we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Natures little secret is beauty within all Counties and islands. It provides an awesome feeling to the soul.

With the rapid growth in population we need to be creative and come up with sustainable solutions in order to lose this important heritage. We need nature and nature doesn’t seem to need us as much!