I stand for nature because nature underpins sustainable development and ecosystem balance. The respect we show to he natural world reflects our respect for others, ourselves and the planet.

Nature is life: The water I drink, the food I eat, the medicines I take in time of sickness, and the therapy I run to in times of stress. We cannot survive without nature.

Simply put, nature is home. It is essential for all life to exist. We must do all we can to protect and care for it.

Defender & Defender: A única Alternativa!
Somos Natureza! Não seria Inteligente da nossa parte menosprezar as bases da nossa própria existência. A única alternativa é respeitar e preservar.

Nature is the only future for us, and it is the driving force for us and our children to stay hopeful, to fight together to protect the Palestinian nature that is being destroyed by the occupation.

My name is Bayu Wirayudha. I’m a veterinarian and conservationist from Bali,Indonesia.

I believe in the importance of “holistic conservation”, in which local communities benefit from, and are involve

Los pueblos indígenas llevan en su sangre la sangre de la madre naturaleza, luchamos día tras día para que no nos desampare, por favor no sigan asesinando a nuestra MADRE con sus actitudes negativas.

La nature…un milieu ou des milieux où tout être vivant doit y être en harmonie et donc être en équilibre avec son écosystème. Nous faisons partie de cette nature.

Vivo en Cancún desde hace tres décadas, conozco el antes y el después, suficiente para saber que debemos hacer algo para frenar el deterioro del entorno natural, aquí en el todo el país