Nature is the natural resource base on which all humans depend. Species and habitat diversity are prerequisites of a quality environment for us and our children.

Eu como defensor da floresta como sempre digo, a nossa convivência depende das florestas, a florestas depende da a gente, virs e versa. As ameaças externas e desmatamento são aqueles que vem de foras

Humans and Nature are not a separate entity, but two circles within each other, interconnected in every possible way.

I stand with nature because nature is constantly changing for the worse.

I stand for nature because there is no life without it. We are all interconnected to this web of life. We are nature. If we do not take care of Mother Earth how can she take care of us?

I believe that our life entirely depends on the existence of nature and we are part of the nature.

Because it is the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe.

El Génesis nos relata la creación que hoy debemos seguir cuidando. La naturaleza es nuestra casa común, compartida por variados seres vivientes que hacen de nuestro mundo una maravillosa obra

Environmental issue of water and air pollution – “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Likewise when the team in the organization saw the hazards created by the factories of an industrial estate nam

I stand for nature because it is an integral part of our life, our crucial safety net, and the foundation of our common prosperity.