La mejor huella del hombre es aquella que no se ve en la naturaleza.

Nature is everything for us, is the source of our wellbeing, inspiration, and peace. If we are going to thrive as humankind, there is no other path but to do it along with nature conservation.

Due to explosion of human population( > 7 billion) during last 3 decades, there is a stress on utilization of natural resources globally , we need to digitize natural res. information at all levels

Humans have abuse privilege as environmental stewards, in the name of development, prosperity and basic survival. A bold stand is now necessary for transformation.

There is no real separation between humanity and nature, and what happens to one eventually happens to the other

Nature is the basic source of vitals that support any kind of life in all kind of environments. Any slight perturbation to nature intercepts its sustainability and hence puts it at gross risk.

I stand for Mother Nature because she provides in every way for indigenous peoples way of life and existence. As a MAYA It is my responsibility to reciprocate good stewardship to nature.

Nature gives everyone the right to live life and its every individual’s responsibility to save the nature form unnecessary activities.

Dans le but de sauvegarder les forêts et réduire les émissions des GES, nous avons mis en place un projet des restaurations environnementales “polygone agroforestier du Kasaï” par LACOME et CODELT


We must conserve our last pristine tropical forests for the billions of tons of carbon, freshwater, clean air and the biodiversity they contain.