We need to act and we need to act now. This earth, our earth is facing enormous challenges, but we all together can join together and emphasize that we need nature for life for all of our survival!!

As we take care of nature we are taking care of our existing on earth. keeping the balance of relations between organisms and environment is important to feel safe and prevent violence

Whie working with Manihot species in decade 1970 I noted their disappearnce from natural habitats. see www.geneconserve.pro.br

Nature is life!! If we stand for nature we stand for health, development, water, food adaptation, joy, love, equality and our future!!

Because God has created human being to be good steward for his whole creation. And we should think of us as part of nature. May God be God, men be men and earth be earth, all will be good.

“Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe.” Living near a nature preserve underscores the beauty of nature!

Nature = Life = Humanity = Earth = Nature = Life …

Because all of life is connected in a seamless web, and to destroy forests and species will eventually destroy humanity.

Je soutiens la campagne pour de la Nature pour la vie. “Qui parle de vie parle de nature”.

“La nature est source de vie et de richesses, nous devons vivre en harmonie avec elle et la protéger”