Having grown up between Utah and New Zealand I’ve had an embarrassing amount of natural beauty in my life. I stand for nature because, as Edward Abbey puts it, “We need wilderness whether or not we ever set foot in it. We need a refuge even though we may never need to go there…. We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope.”

Without nature, we will not have a chance to enjoy life in the long run. We depend on natural resources for our survival each day. It is essential that we must conserve and protect our natural environments for the benefit of future generations and our children.

We exist because of this nature. A sustainable life is possible only with the sustainable development and a sustainable mind.

We can build more cathedrals, we can paint more paintings, we can write more operas, but we can’t even begin to do that with species and ecosystems.

I am a fresh forestry graduate, I think nature has great significance in our lives, we depend on nature from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the food we consume. whatever we give to nature, we will have it back e.g if we protect our watershed areas we will have good quality & quantity of water to meet our needs vice versa.

Nature provides food, shelter, and livelihood for us.

I stand for nature because I believe that our very existence depends on it. I believe we need to do all we can to protect the nature in its best natural balance. Our food systems, our environment and our total ecology depends on the presence of all other living entities.

Because I believe a more just world for all is dependent on protecting nature and biodiversity.

I stand for nature because there is no greater source of peace and joy than a forest in springtime, and no greater canvas than a riotous flower garden.